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A deep dive into what Dubai Real Estate is missing

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Market painpoints
Market Painpoints
We will go through the market pain points and address how our strategy is different, needed and why.
Static vs ugc
Static vs UGC
Alot of statistical data on why UGC is necessary and the impact it has on decision makers looking to make a purchase.
Case study 1
⁠Case Study 1
Provident - High Ticket results. A deep dive into the numbers with screenshots.
Case study 2
⁠Case Study 2
Ramos Real Estate - Low Ticket results. Another deep dive into the numbers with screenshots.
Content Themes
Content Themes
Our proven themes that we have tested and continuously innovate and improve to encourage engagement & stronger brand awareness
Lead Quality
Lead Quality
The BIG question - What is the ratio on the leads? Good vs Bad. We are very transparent and explain it all, and again with actual numbers.